About Ada Health GmbH

The present: millions lack access to adequate health information and care.

The future: everyone in the world has a free, AI-powered personal health guide.

Do you want to help us close this gap and transform the future of global healthcare? This is what drives our diverse team of more than 100 doctors, scientists, engineers, researchers, marketers, developers, entrepreneurs and business associates working in cities from Berlin to Dar es Salaam.*

With more than 3.5 million users worldwide, a 4.7 star rating in the Google Play store, and impressive industry accolades – from a Silver Cannes Lions Award to Mobile World Congress’ Best Overall Consumer Innovation – we’ve already made great progress. So, if you’re conscientious, industrious and passionate about helping people, please explore these current opportunities to work with us. And if you’re still wondering who or what Ada is, find out here.

We’ve recently learned that unaffiliated third parties are purporting to represent Ada Health and are impersonating our employees by sending emails offering job interviews and positions to random individuals. These emails were sent to random email addresses and there is no connection between Ada and these third parties. Neither our systems nor any of the data we store have been breached by any third party. We have notified the appropriate organizations and authorities as well as updated our FAQs on how to spot phishing emails. You can read more here.

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